nounجال پھندا ، گِرنا ، سَہارا کھونا ، نيچے آجانا ،
v.i.گرنا، پچھاڑنا، پڑنا

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1. noun autumnseasontime of year

2. noun time of yearspilltumblesliptrip

3. noun tripFallevent

4. noun eventdescentdeclivitydeclinedeclinationdeclensiondownslopeslopeinclinesideascent (antonym)

5. noun ascent (antonym)sinsinning

6. noun sinningdownfallweakeningrise (antonym)

7. noun rise (antonym)change of locationtravelrise (antonym)

8. noun rise (antonym)capitulationsurrenderloss

9. noun losstwilightduskgloaminggloamnightfallevenfallcrepusculecrepusclehourtime of day

10. noun time of daypinvictorytriumph

11. noun triumphdropdescentgravitation

12. noun gravitationdropdipfree falldecreasedecrement

13. verb decrementtravelgomovelocomote

14. verb locomotedescendgo downcome downtravelgomovelocomotefall inrise (antonym)ascend (antonym)

15. verb ascend (antonym)change stateturnfall forfall throughfall flatfounderfloplagdawdlefall backfall behindbreakseparatesplit upfall apartcome apartcrumblefall apartslipdrop offdrop awayfall awayfall backlosedrop offfall behindrecede

16. verb recedecomebe

17. verb beprecipitatecome down

18. verb come downfailgo wrongmiscarry

19. verb miscarrydecreasediminishlessenchange magnitudeincrease (antonym)

20. verb increase (antonym)diedeceaseperishgoexitpass awayexpirepasskick the bucketcash in one's chipsbuy the farmconkgive-up the ghostdrop deadpop offchokecroaksnuff it

21. verb snuff itshinestrikehappenhapgo onpass offoccurpassfall outcome abouttake place

22. verb take placeyield

23. verb yieldhappenhapgo onpass offoccurpassfall outcome abouttake place

24. verb take placefallsintransgresstrespass

25. verb trespassleave officequitstep downresign

26. verb resigntravelgomovelocomote

27. verb locomotebe

28. verb beaccruechange handschange owners

29. verb change ownerslightfallreturnpassdevolve

30. verb devolvereturnpassdevolvechange handschange owners

31. verb change ownersslopeinclinepitch

32. verb pitchfall downchange posture

33. verb change posturechange posture

34. verb change posturehangflow

35. verb flowchange

36. verb changechange

37. verb changeissueemergecome outcome forthgo forthegress

38. verb egressbe born

39. verb be bornget downbegingetstart outstartset aboutset outcommence

40. verb commencedisappearvanishgo away

41. verb go awaydescendsettlecome

Name Meanings

Fall is a Feminine name, from American origin with the meaning " Born during the autumn season "

Origin :American
Related Names :Falle